Permanent Services

Here at Zenopa, we understand that getting recruitment right is critical to business success, but it's probably not your core job. We work with you to minimize the impact of recruitment on your core business objectives. We do this by being a partner you can totally trust, trust that we will do what we say, trust when we provide information and opinion we do so placing your hiring requirement first, trust to give you the full picture enabling you to make the best business decisions.

Zenopa's teams have a wealth of expertise to draw on, over 25 years of data collection and learning, making us the knowledge specialists in each of our sectors. This knowledge forms the basis of our understanding and insights into the market segment, this is what enhances our ability to facilitate you securing the most appropriate talent for your business. We have built a reputation over many years for providing innovative services that deliver for the clients we work with.

Innovation, insights, trust, delivery all combine to support our mission 'to be the desired service supplier' and as such clients return to us for their next recruitment project.

Permanent Roles we recruit for:
-Animal Health roles
-Consumer Healthcare roles
-Dental roles
-Healthcare Communication roles
-Medical Devices roles
-Pharmaceutical roles
-Scientific roles
-Service Engineering roles
-Support Services

The next step:
If you would like to find out more about how we can become your recruitment partner for permanent roles, please call one of the team, send us a message or email

All enquiries are handled in the strictest confidence.

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Contracting Solutions

Contract Solutions:
- Executive Interims (contractors)
- Contract teams
- Individual contractors
- Vacancy Management

Why use contracting?
Defined project to be undertaken, no requirement post this, e.g.
- Crisis, turn around a failing project, service or business
- Change management
- Start-ups
- New business development
- Restructuring

Short term skills set e.g.
- Seeking to bring in ideas/methodologies from other business sectors
- Seeking to do something new e.g. outsource a service

Short term workload pressure

Headcount freeze, but budget available

Risk to manage, e.g.
- timeline to milestones,
- customer dependency

Short term coverage, e.g.
- maternity / paternity
- sabbatical
- whilst permanent recruit sought

What are the benefits?
- Experienced independent view, no company history, no internal career plan
- Being objective
- Flexibility, outside your employees contractual arrangements e.g. hours, location, hierarchy
- Experienced in working to an objective(s) and delivering to timelines
- Completing the task
- Agreed fixed cost structure
- Minimised risk

Zenopa success in delivery:
- Understanding our client's business, each of our divisions are specialists
- In house, contracting department
- Availability / recruiting required resource, our recruitment teams our steeped within their sector
- Successful management of contractors, 20 years of successfully supplying contractors has led to many lessons learned, of which our clients are the beneficiary. 94% of contractors complete their contract
- Provision of required equipment, e.g. cars, laptops, mobiles, we source and manage these.
- Systems that work for you, as an ISO 9000 organisation we have fully defined systems that are regularly audited. You can be assured we consistently following processes that deliver for all.
- If you're looking to break into the UK Market, we can offer you solutions, and support to help you get started. 

Roles, recruited on contract
-Animal Health roles recruited on contract
-Consumer Healthcare roles recruited on contract
-Dental roles recruited on contract
-Healthcare Communication roles recruited on contract
-Medical Devices roles recruited on contract
-Pharmaceutical roles recruited on contract
-Scientific roles recruited on contract
-Service Engineering roles recruited on contract
-Support Service roles recruited on contract

The next step:
If you would like to find out more about how we can become your recruitment partner, please call the team on +44(0)1494 818 000 send us a message or email

All enquiries are handled in the strictest confidence.

"Zenopa, and in my experience with Libby, have successfully delivered a candidate who met my brief and has settled into the role and is delivering fantastic results."

Clients we work with

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Medical Recruiter
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Libby Millar
Medical/Dental Recruiter
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Jane Whiley
Medical Recruiter
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Executive Recruiter
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