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Customer Engagement Specialist

Customer Engagement Specialist (6 month FTC)

The Customer Engagement Specialist will create and drive novel, unique, or “out-of-the box” digital marketing programs and campaigns that enhance the company's overall commercial customer engagement strategy. The role will cover academic and industrial customers across all market sectors but particularly in the flow and antibodies portfolio, including a particular emphasis on young scientists to stimulate their brand loyalty.

The role involves utilizing a multi-eBusiness channel digital approach through the blog, social media and A.I. powered site search. Based in Oxford under the Senior eBusiness Manager, this role will have a dotted line report into the equivalent customer engagement and demand generation teams in Hercules, California, in order to ensure programs and campaigns maintain legal compliance and operate within the house style of the Global Organization.

The ideal candidate is a highly creative life science PhD with several years of experience in scientific writing/editing, someone who is commercial social media savvy, and has a strong interest in building a state-of-the-art life science website. Training on the website's content management system, apps, and tools will be provided.

Job Responsibilities
• The Owner, Principal Writer and Editor-In-Chief.
• Authors articles for the blog of his or her choosing to maximize the customer engagement strategy or commissions them from internal and external sources, editing other's work as applicable and providing mentorship to juniors where applicable.
• Also directly develops the blog platform with new features and functionality, working alongside website developers and other eBusiness team members to keep it “best-in-class” in the industry
• Reports on engagement results every month and communicates key learnings

Manage Social Media Channels for the Flow and Antibody Business
• Owns the global social media channels belonging to the Flow and Antibody Business (FAB) such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram with full administrative rights
• Posts content on these channels directly and approves the posts of other less experienced colleagues. Manages responses to “problem posts” working with the appropriate global internal authorities as a 24/7 first responder
• Develops the FAB social media strategy in line with customer engagement goals
• Develops a social media strategy and presence in underrepresented regions like India and China
• Reports on engagement results every month and communicates key learnings
• Manages the social media budget for paid advertising activities

Customer Engagement Strategies
• Responsible for imagining and executing novel, unique, or “out-of-the box” digital marketing programs and campaigns that sit outside the purview of product managers and marketing managers to build brand loyalty - a key target demographic is young customers in order to capture their hearts and minds to the company cause early on in their scientific careers
• Works alongside global marketing stakeholders and eBusiness to produce assets to drive customer engagement such as non-product related videos, and tips and tricks for better scientific outcomes
• Owner of the Podcast channel. Acts as Principal Broadcaster, script writer and podcast editor. Supports other speakers, editing their scripts and performances
• Primarily tries to execute customer engagement strategies through the digital channels that this individual owns e.g. blog, social media and the A.I. powered site search but also participates in offline, physical activities that drive customers to the website.

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