James Higgins

Scientific Recruiter



James has been recruiting in the Scientific and Healthcare industry for the last 4 years, building an extensive network of Mid – Executive talent across the US & European market over this period. He has experience in recruiting a number of commercial & technical roles within the Omics & Diagnostics sector, specialising mainly in the placements within the markets of Multi Omics, Spatial Biology, Bioinformatics and Molecular/Microbiology Diagnostics . James has provided his expertise to a wide variety of customers, from SMEs through to larger Corporates, from mid-level to senior opportunities.

James' Specialism: Multi Omics Recruitment

In the era of personalised medicine, multiomics is revolutionizing our understanding of health and disease. At Zenopa, we believe that future success is only as strong as the team behind it.

Our talent driven, culture focused approach means although we search for hard skill across the omic’ s disciplines our recommendation mainly comes off team fit & feel, increasing the chance for long & beneficial appointments for our clients.

Zenopa Multiomics Expertise Covers:

Genomics (DNA Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing, Single Cell, Genetic Testing)


Spatial Omics







Personalized Medicine


Precision Medicine

Working with

  • IKA
  • Roche Diagnostics Ltd
  • Fujifilm
  • Sartorius
  • Elkay Laboratory Products UK

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