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For more than three decades, Zenopa has been recruiting within the Life Science Market; therefore, we have the appropriate knowledge and experience in Scientific IVD Recruitment. We focus on many areas, such as sales, management, marketing and development, among others.

In order to provide prospective clients with the best recruitment guidance, our specialist recruiters target a significant range of jobs, covering the entire spectrum of science IVD recruitment.

Which roles do we recruit for within IVD Recruitment:

IVD Recruitment IVD Commercial Recruitment
IVD Sales Recruitment IVD Marketing Recruitment
IVD Account Manager Recruitment IVD Field Application Specialist Recruitment
IVD Business Development Recruitment IVD Product Manager Recruitment
IVD Inside Sales Recruitment IVD Project Manager Recruitment


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Zenopa are currently undertaking 115 assignments and job searches.  Of these 51 are not in the public domain.  For details contact our specialist team.

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