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Abingdon Health is a UK based diagnostics company, who focus on developing, manufacuring and commercialising immunoassay tests and reader systems for healthcare, pharma, animal health, agrifood and plant health sectors. Their manufacturing facility in York is certified to ISO13485:2016 and is GMP compliant with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They use advanced automated lateral flow manufacturing and assembly equipment, all of which is housed in environmentally controlled laboratories in order to produce the highest quality product.

Abingdon Health's core expertise lies in the development and manufacturing of rapid lateral flow assay diagnostics and reader systems, and this is demonstrated by their rapid diagnostic products Seralite®, Pocket Diagnostic®, and PCRD. With Abingdon Health's ability to develop its own diagnostic products they are meeting the growing international market need for simple, faster and more accurate diagnostic tests by deploying expertise and engaging with a network of partners, stakeholders and industry experts to identify and deliver new opportunities.

Achieving Excellence
Over the years, organic growth and a series of acquisitions have built Abingdon Health into an integrated diagnostics group focused on the development and manufacture of lateral flow tests and readers.

The Customer, Quality, People and Collaboration are the foundations of the Company’s culture and are the key areas focused on across all functions within the business. We strongly believe that achieving excellence in each of these areas will drive success and the achievement of our Company objectives to the benefit of all our stakeholders; investors, employees, customers and suppliers.

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