Company Overview

Lintbells are dedicated to providing high quality products which are proven to improve the health of cats, dogs and horses; taking a customer focused approach to what they do, and deliver real solutions to the problems of pet owners. Their portfolio of products are founded on scientifically sound principles, aiming to deliver the promised health benefits to pet, at affordable prices.

To guarantee these standards are met, a clear five step approach to product innovation is used to meet our target of producing the most effective products possible:

Veterinary panel consultation - Providing clear, clinical expertise on key health issues, and potential routes to solve them.

Market evaluation - research with owners helps us to confirm what you, the owner, wants for your companion.

Scientific evaluation - a thorough evaluation of the existing clinical studies and scientific evidence helps us to identify potential solutions.

Ingredient sourcing - sourcing the best possible, scientifically justified ingredients ensures higher product performance.
Product performance evaluation - veterinary and owner evaluation of the finished product ensures the new products deliver on their health promise.

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