10 Facts about Reflex Nutrition.
- Celebrating 15 Years, we are the U.K's No.1 sports nutrition manufacturer.The World's finest supplements, made by the UK's No.1 sports nutrition manufacturer since 1996, made to deliver results and independently verified by the UK's most prestigious labs. Reflex supplements have been the choice of hundreds of thousands of people who demand not just guaranteed quality but supplements that deliver more. That means more active ingredients, higher levels of protein, less additives and impressive innovation. From the unbeaten levels of protein in our powder products to the multi vitamins that contain unmatched potency and range of micro nutrients, Reflex products are simply in a league of their own.
- Unbeatable Moneyback Guarantee.Our guarantee is both simple and straight forward allowing customers to return products directly to Reflex Nutrition for a full refund of their purchase price. This means that you can use any Reflex product without risk and in the very unlikely event you don't feel they offered any benefit you can return it without penalty. All that we ask is that the remainder of the product along with the receipt of purchase, outer tub and any other packaging is returned. Whatever your reason for returning the product, we will be happy to refund you.We are able to offer you this kind of guarantee because we have complete confidence in the quality and effectiveness of every single product we make. Once you've tried a Reflex product you'll understand exactly why we are so confident.
- Market Leading Formulations.Each Reflex product is designed to be a market leading formulation. Whether it is a protein powder like Instant Whey with a market leading content of 80% or a multivitamin pill like Nexgen. You are safe with the knowledge that if you buy Reflex you have bought the best on the market, period.
- ISO9001 Quality Control.Reflex Nutrition was the first sports nutrition company in the world to be awarded ISO certification for quality control. Our ISO9001 quality control procedures track and trace every element of our manufacturing processes. This means that you, our valued customer, receives a product that has undergone a series of rigorous quality control procedures. That product will be perfect in every respect. The whole process is independently audited every single year for continuity.
- Protein Testing of Each and Every Protein Powder.Further still, our new ISO Quality Controlled Protein Testing Procedure ensures that the products are delivering exactly what is claimed on the label. This thoroughly new protein testing procedure has been implemented by our R&D team to clearly demonstrate our unwavering commitment to quality control and ever increasing commitment to our valued customers. It entails rigorous, and exact, testing of every single batch of protein powder we manufacture using an ISO17025 accredited procedure.
- Reflex Supplements are free from banned substances and are drug tested by HFL.Each and every month we select random products to be tested by HFL labs for banned substances; they are one of the world's premiere independent drug surveillance laboratories, providing unrivalled and internationally trusted expertise in all aspects of doping control for sports.
- Used by thousands of athletes throughout the World.Reflex Nutrition's extensive range of Performance & Health supplements, available in nearly every European country, are used to great affect by Olympic athletes, professional athletes, bodybuilders, footballers, rugby players and athletes from nearly every sport imaginable.
-Reflex supplements are manufactured using Green EnergyReflex Nutrition operates three manufacturing factories. All three factories use electricity that comes from 100% renewable sources. Our supplier for Green Energy is Ecotricity. Their electricity is harnessed from natural sources, like the wind, sun and water that don't pollute and don't contribute to climate change. They call these Deep Green sources because they're the ultimate in clean electricity generation. They don't involve any burning and offer a pollution free, endless source of electricity.We also recycle our entire waste card and any waste plastics are recycled, our product containers are also recyclable so when you have finished with them you too can take them to your nearest recycling point and help the environment yourself. Also with all our factories and distribution areas being within a few hundred yards of each other we cut down on our transport emissions.
- FREE Delivery on all orders over £10.Buy from our website and receive FREE delivery on orders over £10. Impressively, nearly all orders are sent via a Next Day Courier.
- Free Support Line.Why not give us a call? If you have any questions about diet or training we're here to help.Made in Britain by Reflex Nutrition, "Tomorrow's Nutrition Today."

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