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Advanced Formulations is a leading premium Cosmetics Company founded on designing and independently clinically testing products specifically designed to help protect the skin.

- Each item created has an unwavering commitment to innovation

- AF doesn't go to market with a product unless it has a true point of differentiation - NO "ME TOO" items

- AF will clinically test everything before going to market and will never make an unsubstantiated claim

For over 20 years the public have been using the same alcohol gels on germs that have developed and evolved with time. At Advanced Formulations we knew there had to be a better, faster and more gentle way to protect our families. We set to work developing NO-GERMSTM Instant Hand Sanitizer. After two years of testing and refinement we have developed a product we are proud of and excited to share with the world.NO-GERMSTM Instant Hand Sanitizer has quickly gained a following around the world and distribution has grown from a handful of independent pharmacies to encompass almost all of the supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores in the UK.

We simultaneously launched into the competitive US market opening a distribution facility on the East Coast, with placement in Whole Foods Supermarkets, Bed, Bath and Beyond and over 14,000 independent pharmacies throughout the country. NO-GERMSTM is now rapidly expanding sales in the European Union, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia.

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