About Neoss
Neoss is founded on the passion and inspiration of individuals, clinicians, academics and engineers - all seeking to create a better future for patients. It's this passion that helps us put together a system above all others, a system you can trust and a system that makes a connection which stays forever.

The foundations of our system can be seen in forty years of provenance in the rapidly evolving world of dental implants. We are proud to be at the forefront of this evolution with a system that challenges traditional conventions through the simplicity of having just one platform.

Coupled with this rich heritage of experience comes our strong affiliations with some of the worlds leading medical device companies and a unique research and development pipeline that creates timeless technologies.

All operated in a market where simplicity is commonly claimed, we have redefined its meaning to achieve the highest level of flexibility and functionality with excellent results for our patients.

Our Vision is to advance the science of dental implant treatment.


Our policy is to:
- Comply with all legislation relating to employee relations in the countries in which we operate.
- Maintain an equal opportunities policy in line with, and going beyond, regulations.
- Comply with health & safety regulations.
- Maintain a learning and development (inc. performance review) programme for employees.
- Facilitate and encourage two-way communication.

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