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AB Science is a pharmaceutical company specialising in the discovery, development and commercialisation of novel targeted therapies named protein kinase inhibitors.

Our target diseases are cancers, inflammatory diseases, and central nervous system diseases, with high unmet medical need, in both human and veterinary medicine.

Our strategy is aimed at becoming an integrated pharmaceutical company with strong drug discovery, development, and marketing capabilities in the specialty pharmaceutical sector, present in the USA and Europe.

AB Science was created in 2001. The company is headquartered in Paris and has a subsidiary in the USA (New Jersey).

AB Science is the only small independent pharmaceutical company to have a registered tyrosine kinase inhibitor.

Welcome Note By The President AB Science was founded in 2001 by a team of researchers, clinicians and entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives to discover key mechanisms in life science and develop new drugs targeting these mechanisms to dramatically change the life of patients in the most unmet medical needs. We are innovators and scientific entrepreneurs in the field of life science.

Our group is specialized in targeted therapies through tyrosine kinase inhibitors for treating diseases with high medical needs in the field of cancers, chronic inflammatory diseases and neurological degenerative disorders. Our pipeline is both in Human and Veterinary medicine. Our drugs are aimed to be used by hospitals and specialist physicians.

It makes us very proud and confident that, after only 7 years of existence, AB Science has been the first and so far only independent emerging pharmaceutical company to have registered a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, in a peer group of very large multinational companies such as Novartis, Bristol-Myers Squibb or Pfizer.

We have already started the commercialization of a product in Veterinary Medicine, and our pipeline is very well advanced in Human Medicine with three phases 3 currently ongoing in pancreatic cancer, GIST and mastocytosis and 8 phases 2 completed.

In parallel, AB Science has a robust drug discovery platform which has generated three new compounds ready to be launched into preclinical development.

We remain fully committed in meeting our objectives and we are very confident in our capacities to develop leading treatments that will dramatically change the lives of the patients.

Alain Moussy

Co-founder and CEO

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