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LINET spol. s r.o. is a major European manufacturer of hospital and nursing beds. The company´s portfolio includes solutions designed for intensive care, products for regular in-bed treatment and also special beds for old people´s homes and long-term care facilities. the LINET range also includes a wide range of accessories such as antipressure ulcer mattresses, mobile equipment, healthcare furniture, etc. The firm regularly introduces products and services with innovative features and functions that reduce physical demands on staff, enhance the efficacy of care provided and increase patient comfort. LINET works intensively on developing such products in collaboration with healthcare professionals and respected experts in various scientific fields, enabling the firm to keep abreast of new trends in the area of medical care.


LINET has won a wide range of prestigious industry and business awards. To mention but a few, it is regularly ranked in the top ten of the CZECH TOP 100 poll of most admired firms, at the European Business Awards 2011 it won the Ruban d´Honneur medal, and has won the Award for Design Excellence 4 times over. Company co-owner Zbyněk Frolík was presented with the Business Person of the Year award in 2003, and was decorated by the President of the Czech Republic with a State Honour – the Medal of Merit – in 2011. In 2013 LINET received the Award Family Friendly Company. Since 2014 LINET is a Health Promoting Enterprise the 3rd Grade. 


Be an object of desire, not just choice.

Company Values

Linet's company mission is to be instrumental in improving the standard of healthcare and nursing services. Through their products and services, they define the highest standard of quality in the production of hospital and nursing beds.

Linet are the technological leader in the field. Their commitment is to help create the future of modern furnishings and fixtures for patient rooms, which is accomplished through close cooperation with medical staff and continuing to understand the latest medical advancements and trends in medical and technical science.


Linet offer sophisticated products, and have a portfolio that meets the needs of all specializations that require bed care.

In order to fulfil this mission in all their activities, all decisions are governed by the following principles/values:

UNIQUE: "We will outdo ourselves"

Linet's products and services includes unique features that the customer is not able to get from the competition.

SIMPLICITY: "One look is enough to understand"

There is no need for complicated explanations, because customers immediately see the products as an answer to their problems.

PASSION: "We know what clients need. We give them what they desire"

Linet work transparently and predictably in our relations with customers.

CONFIDENCE: "The competition is no benchmark"

Linet base their sales arguments solely on a perfect knowledge of the client’s needs.  

TRUST: We play by the rules

Linet comply with the law, and we do not engage in unfair business practices.

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