About Hospital Innovations
At Hospital Innovations, our mission is to be the number one healthcare provider of specialist orthopaedic and surgical products. Our dynamic team are fully trained specialists in their field, committed to delivering the company’s core values with the highest standard of conduct across all business areas.

Business Areas
- Sales and Marketing
- Supply Chain
- Inventory and Distribution.

Hospital Innovations Limited was founded in January 2008 as a result of key individuals coming together to pool their collective experiences to create what we believe will be a truly outstanding company. Managing Director, Phil Davies, has been directly involved within orthopaedics since 1983 and in that time has worked for some of the World’s leading orthopaedic device companies. It is Hospital Innovations stated objective to deliver products and services to the orthopaedic community in a way that is both innovative and sustainable. Phil has put an outstanding team together and fully expects the company to grow significantly in the years ahead. The Hospital Innovations product range is well established and incorporates innovative design and process to tried and tested technologies. Our detailed, consultative approach to service support and training is the cornerstone of our company’s philosophy.

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