Company Overview
MEDITHERAPY is part of the MEDICAL INNOVATIONS Group, an established medical company with many years of endoscopy experience. The company comprises four divisions, each with a dedicated committment to high levels of innovation and customer service. Endoscopic accessories continue to be one of the most rapidly changing aspects of flexible endoscopy. The MEDITHERAPY GI product range is a complete line of endoscopic accessories with everything from cleaning brushes to biopsy forceps and bite blocks to ‘Dignity Shorts', together with a full range of cytology, retrieval and polypectomy devices.

The use of accessories is an integral part of bronchoscopy and having the most appropriate instrumentation to hand is a necessity to ensure correct patient diagnosis. The MEDITHERAPY Bronchoscopic range includes biopsy forceps, cytology brushes, as well as spray pipes for the application of anaesthetic.

The field of biliary and pancreatic endoscopic therapy is one of the most exciting in clinical medicine and the increasing variety of instrumentation available has led to many new developments. The MEDITHERAPY ERCP range includes such exciting products as the PROCUT insulated Cutting knife, as well as the ENDOTRIPTOR Slide Type Lithotriptor as well as the dedicated Easycure short-wire ERCP system.

Endoscopic oesophageal therapy has developed considerably in recent years and one of the most radical changes has been the introduction of expandable metal mesh stents. This is a procedure that is now fully established, though one which continues to develop with advancing technology.

MEDICAL INNOVATIONS are proud to introduce a full range of self-expanding stents from Medwork, including; oesophageal, biliary, duodenal and colonic The IMP range of stents have been designed with a number of unique features for the permanent recanalisation of benign and malignant stenoses in the digestive system.

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