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A business unit of Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC, Dechra Veterinary Products specialises in the development and marketing of licensed branded pharmaceuticals and specialist premium pet foods for companion animals in the global veterinary market.Employing around 212 people, we operate in ten European countries: Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK as well as in the US. Our European business is located in Shrewsbury, England and in Uldum, Denmark.

What we do bestOur key areas of expertise span dermatology, endocrinology, equine medicine, ophthalmology, critical care and diet and nutrition.

Our major brands include:

- Vetoryl® Capsules, for the treatment of canine hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's syndrome)
- Dermatology brands Canaural®, Fuciderm® Gel and Malaseb® Shampoo
- Felimazole® Tablets, for treating feline hyperthyroidism
- Equipalazone®, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic for equine musculoskeletal disorders
- The ophthalmic product Fucithalmic® Vet

SPECIFICTM , a complete, vet exclusive premium diet range that provides precise nutritional solutions throughout the lives of cats and dogs.

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