Company Overview
Inpharmation helps all the world's top 10 pharma companies - and many other pharma and biotech companies - with evidence based market models for...
- Forecasting
- Pricing
- International pricing
- Marketing and sales
- Marketing research

Leading pharma companies turn to Inpharmation when they want
- Evidence based techniques.
- Embodied in fantastically user-friendly software.
- From a partner that enhances their knowledge and capabilities rather than just offering a narrow solution.
- International Pricing Software

Inpharmation provide the only modelling software that allows you to model country pricing effects, international price referencing and parallel trade all in one simple-to-use, integrated package. It is used by a number of major pharma companies to plan their international pricing strategies and has recently been upgraded so that you can drop these sophisticated price modelling tools into your own Excel spreadsheets.

Marketing Mix Optimisation
Inpharmation has developed the most powerful pharma specific media reach and frequency model available. It can powerfully illuminate where you should be spending your marketing budget for maximum impact.

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