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Darwin Grey is a UK-based, international medical education company. We're part of the Grey Healthcare Group, one of the world's largest healthcare communications agency networks and part of the WPP Group of companies.

We conceive and implement creative and effective communication solutions. You'll find us as ambitious for your brand as you are. From our offices in Oxford and London we develop and implement strategies to prepare new products for market and drive their growth beyond launch. We also revitalise existing brands, unearthing and expressing the qualities that will set them apart from the competition and boost sales.

We're a talented team of strategists, scientists, medical writers, designers, digital media experts, exhibition and event managers, working together to give great products all the support they need to become successful brands. As part of the Grey Healthcare Group, we're able to develop your brand nationally, regionally and globally, and position medical education within a comprehensive communication plan.

Service Overview

Few healthcare practitioners are genuine pioneers. Most are happy to continue to recommend and employ well-established therapies and treatments until evidently superior alternatives achieve widespread acceptance.

It's your job as manufacturers to develop these alternatives. It's our job as a medical education agency to present a compelling case for these products - a case that will persuade even the most conservative practitioners to adopt them. It starts with a coherent strategy, informed by a detailed understanding of the science: the condition your product treats, its effectiveness, and the performance and standing of your competitors.

If it's a product that's still in development, our role is to prime your target market for its arrival. Through a programme of events and publications, we'll raise the profile of the debate around the condition, identify the limitations of current therapies and, when the time is right, present the data supporting your product, with the endorsement of key opinion leaders.

To prepare your product for launch, we'll give it a distinctive, attention-seeking brand and a range of supporting materials. If it's an existing product that's underselling, we'll find out why. It may be that clinicians have misconceptions about it. Or it may be that other brands have marketed more effectively. But if it's a product you still believe in, we'll devise a re-launch strategy to set it on its way to capturing the market share it deserves.

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