About 90TEN Healthcare

90TEN is an independent healthcare communications agency that delivers creative solutions to meet all of your healthcare challenges.

90TEN was founded in 2001 by Carole North and Paul Tanner, to explore their shared belief that changing behaviour is the surest path to changing lives.
We have carefully built a team of specialists in public relations, medical education and advocacy; each bringing unique skills to the table, but all sharing a passion for changing lives through the work we do together.
Today, having grown into a global healthcare consultancy of over 50 passionate communicators, achieving sustained behaviour change still drives everything we do.

Changing behaviour:

90TEN has worked with clinical and behavioural psychologists to develop our own evidence-based methodology called FEEL-THINK-DO™, that we apply to every communications challenge.
FEEL-THINK-DO™ is built upon our understanding of human behaviour; what makes people tick, what stops them from acting, and how they like to learn. By understanding our audience we can determine the simple steps to inspire meaningful change.
This approach, and a culture that celebrates courage, allows 90TEN to develop education and communications programmes that push boundaries in their execution while remaining scientific in their strategy.

Our Group:
90TEN are made up of three specialists consultancies:

90TEN Communications
Providing public relations services to the healthcare sector, specialising in pharmaceuticals, consumer health and public health. We are passionate about improving the lives of the people we reach

90TEN Medical
Staffed by academic scientists and healthcare marketing experts, our life-changing work includes medical and scientific strategy development, and the co-ordination and communication of medical milestones for our client.

We specialise in health advocacy across the disciplines of patient engagement, public health and medical education. We work with audiences to build support for causes, brands and policies that help to improve lives.
Our areas of expertise include:
- Public health
- Patient engagement
- Medical education

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