Swordfish was born on the 1st of May 2002, conceived out of a belief that there was a simpler, less complicated way to create effective brand advertising.

The swordfish team has experience of working across a diverse range of brands in a wide variety of product fields: Financial Services, Food, Leisure, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, White Goods, Brown Goods, Travel, Motor, Drinks, Media, Telecommunications and many more.

Between them, the team have over 70 years experience in buildingconsumer and business brands locally, nationally and internationally, and can claim to be responsible for winning more creative awards in the last five years that any other team in the region.

Our Aim: To create effective brand campaigns through a proven strategic approach and powerful, distinctive creative work. Our Belief: To do everything simply. To avoid all marketing jargon. To create a close-working, honest partnership with our clients with no barriers or hierarchy - we believe you only create effective brand campaigns through building strong working relationships. All our clients have direct contact with any individual within the agency.

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