About ARX Ltd

For the past 15 years, ARX have been dedicated to providing the best possible automation solutions for our customers. We are now proud to be the UK’s leading provider of medical automation solutions, through offering market leading products with the highest possible levels of service.

We specialise in providing automated storage and retrieval solutions for all your medical needs, and for part or all of your supply chain. These systems are widely proven to provide benefits such as Increased Patient Service Levels, Increased Patient Safety, Increased Operational Efficiency, and Increased Turnover.

ARX automation systems can either be installed as a single system, or as a group of systems which work seamlessly together. Our systems can be installed into virtually all healthcare environments to meet your needs. We are always on hand to work with you to understand which systems and designs are best suited to your individual requirements.

For more information on roles within this company please contact your ARX Ltd Account Manager