About Inditherm Plc
Inditherm plc was formed in 1998 to exploit its innovative flexible heating technology.Since its formation, the Group has expanded in four main market sectors concentrating on key market opportunities.

Inditherm's patient warming systems for the operating theatre bring a new technology to the market, with the challenge of replacing an entrenched disposable product with a reusable alternative. The Inditherm product offers significant cost savings to the customer and has strong positive guidance for its technology from NICE, which has positive influence in the current economic climate, and delivers a positive environmental contribution.

Market position
The company has already established a dominant market position with their neonatal warming systems in many areas of the country and has expanded their neonatal product range as a result of their strong presence in this sector. There remains a good growth opportunity in this region for the neonatal product range, requiring an empathetic approach and attention to customer support and training.