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IDEXX is a worldwide leader in innovative products and services for veterinary, food and water applications. Our companion animal businesses, including high-quality laboratory services throughout the UK, combine biotechnology with medical devices and information technology to support veterinarians' efforts in providing excellent care while building successful practices.IDEXX's primary business focuses on pet health, a growing market around the world. In this market, IDEXX develops, produces and sells an integrated portfolio of products and services to companion animal veterinarians. Offerings include in-clinic diagnostic tests and instrumentation, laboratory services, pharmaceuticals, and practice management software. Over 100 scientists drive innovation, identifying relevant new technologies and developing them for veterinary application. The mission of this business is to supply veterinarians with tools, technologies and services that support best medical practices, enabling veterinarians to respond to the health needs of their patients, while operating more efficient and profitable practices.

IDEXX Laboratories is situated in the North East of England in West Yorkshire. Currently employing over 85 staff, including 14 on-site clinical and anatomical veterinary pathologists, we process in excess of 22,000 samples per month. IDEXX aims to provide a high quality, comprehensive veterinary diagnostic service to veterinarians throughout the UK and across all laboratory disciplines.

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