Company Overview

Vétoquinol is a family-owned, independent company exclusively and passionately devoted to improving animal health and encompasses research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales.

Since 1933, veterinarians have benefited from our acknowledged expertise in the fields of anti-infectives, anti-inflammatories, anti-parasitics and nutraceuticals. Based in France, Vétoquinol now supplies products in five continents, with a network of subsidiaries in fifteen countries and distributors in over eighty.

Becoming increasingly international, we are proud to have grown without betraying our core values. We remain independent - a humane company with a strong group spirit, striving to improve animal health and honouring our long-established ideals: social awareness, strong relationships and a passion for business combined with realism and determination.

We develop our product range with the veterinarian, the owner, the breeder and the animal to be treated in mind. We target strong, individual market areas where we can add real value. To help retain our customers, our product range includes other traditionally proven medicines. In total we cover 75% of therapeutic segments.

We have identified specific areas where our experience can make a difference: infectious diseases, pain management and cardiovascular treatment.

We are also committed to in-depth knowledge. While there is an enormous range of possible treatments, we focus on the fundamentals with our key targets being are the species we know well: companion animals - dogs, cats and exotics, and cattle and pigs. We also have a product range dedicated to horses.

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