About PARI Medical Limited
Established in 1906, PARI was founded by Paul Ritzau in Wuppertal, Germany. Business with hospitals then prompted the company to concentrate on medical equipment. PARI initially developed products for Balneotherapy: bathing in thermal or mineral waters for improved health. Those early devices evolved and were gradually replaced by today’s modern, specialized devices for treatment of respiratory diseases. As generations have passed, PARI has created the conditions for ensuring the continuity and reliability of our research and commercial activities. This strong foundation underlies our stability and independence.

Help the world breathe more easily!

PARI is a progressive company focused on using science, innovation and technology to design, manufacture and distribute efficient aerosol delivery products for patients with respiratory diseases.This could be your first step towards a fascinating career with a medical device and pharmaceutical company. One thing we all share at PARI is a delight in new challenges, multidisciplinary tasks, open communications and the future of inhalation treatment – whatever team or field we happen to be employed in. Our primary goals are to improve the quality of life for people suffering from both chronic and acute illnesses, to develop technology allowing people to breathe more easily, and to give corporate divisions the right driving force behind them to ensure successful interaction.

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