Thornton & Ross Ltd

Thornton & Ross Ltd is a rapidly expanding company that develops, manufactures and supplies an increasing portfolio of healthcare, personal and household products.

Founded in 1922, Thornton & Ross Ltd is one of the largest OTC pharmaceutical manufacturers in the UK and exports to over 80 countries worldwide.

The business continues to grow every year in the UK and International markets through innovation and acquisition. Following the company’s acquisition by the STADA group, Thornton & Ross has merged with Genus Pharmaceuticals and now has 50% of its product portfolio in Rx sales.

Thornton & Ross Ltd now has an impressive dermatology product portfolio with both the Cetraben and Zeroderma ranges.

The Thornton and Ross Rx product portfolio is expanding rapidly fuelled both by new product development and the acquisition last year of the Flexitol brand, a successful range of dry skin treatments best known for foot care products, and more recently the acquisition of Internis Pharmaceuticals, market leaders in branded vitamin D3 products.

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