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Amoena provides a better quality of life for women following breast surgery. We wish to fulfill their need for femininity, to restore a positive body image and renew confidence and self-esteem. Being close to the women, retailers and other health care providers, we develop, produce and source innovative breast care products and services of the highest quality and design. With empathy, responsiveness and long-term relationships, we aspire to earn our customers loyalty. Throughout the world we wish to strengthen our leadership position and further develop the Amoena Brand. We attract and encourage people who are energetic, committed and have a passion for our business. Amoena respects cultural differences and responds proactively to ethical, environmental and social responsibilities. By constantly improving our core competences we provide sustainable growth and increased value for Amoena 's stakeholders.

Amoena manufactures its products under strict regulations, in accordance with ISO 9001, this guarantees top product quality. The Amoena breast forms are made from two materials that are soft on the skin: Silicone and PU Film. Amoena believes in quality - quality in all products and business processes. It is our wish to improve the quality of life for these women- without impairing the quality of life of others. Therefore we commit ourselves to act responsibly and anticipatory in environmental business contexts. We define quality as innovative and reliable products and effective processes meeting the needs of internal and external customers and thus increasing our customer satisfaction.

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