Company Overview
Novartis Consumer Health OTC (Over the Counter) develops, produces and markets self-medication products. Used for home treatment and prevention of medical conditions as well as to enhance overall health and well being, Novartis has leading brand positions in a number of important category segments, most notably in topical pain relief, athlete's foot and nasal decongestants.

Consumer Health has an established heritage and products such as Savlon® and Tixylix® have been selling for over 40 years. Savlon® cream still outsells every other brand of antiseptic and Tixylix® is the number one children's cough and cold brand.

Nicotinell® has been a major innovator of Nicotine Replacement Therapy over the last 14 years and Novartis was the first company to launch the patch in 1992.

Key therapeutic areas include:
- Nicotinell® - smoking cessation
- Voltarol® - topical muscle pain
- Lamisil® - athlete's foot
- Otrivin ® - nasal decongestant

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