Astellas Pharma is a global pharmaceutical company with a simple vision – to produce exceptional medicines that change tomorrow for patients in need. We strive to develop therapies that are first-in-class and best-in-class. Treatments that offer patients and their doctors genuinely new options for improving care.

Our Mission

At Astellas, a commitment to creating a brighter future is the foundation of everything we do.

Our hope is to change tomorrow. To improve the lives of men, women and children by providing innovative medicines in areas of health where there is urgent need for better treatments. Transplant recipients, patients fighting cancer, those with life-threatening infections – these are just some of the patients we are striving to help now and in the future through our single-minded focus on turning innovative science into medical solutions.

CHANGING TOMORROW™ is the ethos that guides everything that Astellas does, and is the measure by which we judge our success.

Our Vision

On the forefront of healthcare change to turn innovative science into value for patients.

Healthcare is in an era of unprecedented change and progress. New scientific discoveries combined with advances in technology are deepening our understanding of disease and creating an array of potential new medical solutions. Our vision is to be on the forefront of this changing healthcare environment, turning innovative science into valuable new treatment options for patients.

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