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Sinclair Pharma plc is an international specialty pharma company. It has a growing sales and marketing operation that is already present in France, Italy, the UK, Spain and Portugal and a complementary marketing partner network that spans 82 countries.Sinclair has proven expertise in acquiring or developing commercially attractive and undervalued products, registering these products and bringing them to market within a short time frame. The company focuses on niche therapeutic areas and its current portfolio includes products for dermatological conditions and oral health.

Corporate Policies
The Company operates in the highly regulated pharmaceutical and medical devices sector. Hence, every aspect of the products for which the company owns the intellectual property and which are marketed or approved for marketing will have gone through an approval process overseen by EU, US or other national authorities to ensure their safety and efficacy. The Group operates in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Despite being in a relatively low-impact industry, the Group proactively seeks ways of reducing any adverse impact upon our surroundings through recycling schemes, making more efficient use of utilities and seeking ways to reduce waste. The Group's new UK offices are designed with energy saving devices and our recycling scheme has significantly increased the amount of paper recycled. In order to reduce unnecessary air travel, video conferencing facilities are available to employees. The Group adheres to relevant legislative, regulatory and environmental codes of practice. The Group is in the process of developing a formal charities policy.

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