Molnlycke Health Care (Molnlycke) is one of the world's leading providers of single-use surgical and wound care solutions to the health care sector.

Molnlycke Health Care Products
- Surgical drapes, gloves, gowns, and headwear
- Scrub suits and face masks
- Surgical custom procedure trays (all single-use items needed for a surgery in one convenient package)
- Antiseptic solutions
- Wound dressings and treatments
- Dry skin emollients
- Compression and bandage retention products
- Molnlycke Health Care Values

Three core values guide all of our employees in their daily work.
- Passion
- Learning
- Integrity

It simply means that we are enthusiastic and committed about what we do and our customers. We will always listen, share, and innovate. We constantly seek to improve ourselves, our products, and our services. We will stand up for what we believe in and always deliver what we promise.

We will respect the individual rights of others and always reject harassment and discrimination of any kind.

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