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Over our 100 year history, Bard has responded to the needs of clinicians, health care professionals, and patients with strong, market-leading product franchises under a structure based on product expertise and technology.


To continue to help customers meet tomorrow's healthcare challenges, Bard is focusing its efforts and provides more specialized support for its products and services. The Bard focus is on specific Disease State Management needs, both diagnostic and interventional, in three key areas: Vascular

- Urology
- Oncology
- Surgical Speciality

In addition, Bard continues to invest in and support their complete line of advanced Surgical Speciality products and services in hernia repair, powered irrigation, and hemostasis. With an emphasis on Disease State Management, Bard focuses its products and services across the spectrum of care -- from wellness and disease prevention to early diagnosis and treatment to post-care management. By utilizing a Disease State Management strategy, Bard continues to advance the delivery of health care with technological developments that embody quality, integrity, and service. Bard's Guiding Principles were created to supplement their four Core Values of Quality, Integrity, Service and Innovation. Leadership by Example They are committed to the importance of leadership and initiative. They believe in supporting employees with the courage and knowledge to establish new standards and the skill to motivate others to positive action. They expect leaders to communicate effectively, to remove obstacles, and to provide the tools we all need to achieve excellence.

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