About Abbott Laboratories

Throughout our 120+ year history, Abbott people have been driven by a constant goal: to advance medical science to help people live healthier lives. It's part of our heritage. And, it continues to drive our work.

Today, more than 72,000 Abbott employees around the world share the passion for "Turning Science Into Caring." It's a commitment to focusing on what matters most: life and the potential it holds when we are feeling our best.

In this section, you can find out more about the way we do business, our heritage in the UK and our achievements so far by clicking on the left-hand links.

A Great Place to Work

Abbott strives continuously to be an employer of choice in the UK - one that can attract and retain people with the highest skill levels, commitment, personal standards and values. We offer excellent career opportunities as well as exceptional compensation and benefits.

Staff retention is a strong indicator that individuals are content in their roles, career path and working environment, and the statistics for Abbott UK are impressive: 26 per cent of employees in the UK have been with Abbott longer than 20 years, 35 per cent of employees have stayed longer than 10 years and 40 per cent longer than five years.

Abbott's strategic drivers lie in organisational excellence, customer focus and success through its people. Our goal is to increase UK sales by 70 per cent by 2011 and, as the business grows, the opportunities for Abbott's employees grow too.

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