With an IOL the magic of sight returns. Light, colours and form that were dull and vague become fresh and sharp. Quality of life is transformed as a faded and obscured world is made clear.

In 1949 British surgeon, Sir Harold Ridley asked Rayner to design and produce the first IOL. Since this pioneering work in the restoration of sight, Rayner has worked with surgeons around the world in the continued development of the IOL.

Sixty years later, Rayner's Rayacryl C-flex lenses are minimally invasive implants which, when injected into the eye, bring immediate restoration of sight. In addition to the regular-size monofocal lenses (C-flex) there is the larger sized (Superflex), the multifocal (M-flex), the toric lens for correcting pre-existing astigmatism (T-flex) and the Customized IOLs, (M-flex T).

With the help of worldwide charity organisations, Rayner's IOLs have restored sight to hundreds of thousands in the developing world.

Rayner has an unparalleled history of uninterrupted manufacture of acrylic implants for cataract surgery for nearly sixty years. The story of the Rayner Company begins in 1910, when Mr John Baptiste Reiner and Mr Charles Davis Keeler opened their first optician's shop at No 9, Vere Street, London, England.

They registered their company as Reiner & Keeler Ltd on the 30th October of that year. Before forming the company, J.B. Reiner had completed an apprenticeship in 'the art of an optician and scientific instrument maker' in 1891 and had gone on to work for E.B. Merrowitz Ltd, a branch of a well known American optical company.

In 1915, during the First World War, the company name was changed to Rayner & Keeler Ltd. This was almost certainly a commercial decision of the time as J.B. Reiner retained his name all his life. The two founding directors separated in 1917 when C.D. Keeler resigned and severed all his interests with the Company.

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