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Cairn Technology was established in 1999 by two chemistry PhD graduates from Sheffield University as an environmental consultancy specialising in the continuous monitoring of emissions to atmosphere. 

Soon after it became obvious that the technique used for emissions monitoring was ideal for use within the workplace. The company worked with the local NHS Trust to develop a workplace monitoring service for hospitals.

Following on from this the company was asked if it could help make the working environment in hospitals safer by developing a chemical spill kit. Cairn accepted the challenge and launched its 'Chemical Spill Station. This range has grown over the years to cytotoxic, biohazard and laboratory spills. Alongside these specialist kits, Cairn offers a hospital specific Chemical Safety and Handling training course which is delivered in the workplace by Cairn's team of consultants.

Cairn also specialises in high-tech absorbent floor mats, which are used primarily to prevent slips and trip in operating theatres and scrub rooms by soaking up excess fluid. The polymer filled T-Mat is the market leader, able to soak up to 8 litres of water or 3.5 litres of saline. Other mats in the range include a sterile mat which can be placed directly underneath the patient, and larger mats for greater coverage.

Another popular addition to the product line is an antimicrobial cleaner and disinfectant. Proven to kill and contain superbugs such as Norovirus and C diff, the biocidal cleaner breaks down and kills spores which are responsible for recurrences of aggressive infections.

Most recently, Cairn has become a UK distributor for Stille Surgical Instruments. Established 175 years ago, Stille is widely regarded as the Rolls Royce of surgical tools. Cairn works closely with a number of high profile UK surgeons through its Stille Club initiative.


From surgical instruments and absorbent mats to spill kits and laboratory waste containers, we develop products with our clients so they fulfil your requirements. When procedures change, our products reflect that.

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