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As one of the world’s leading suppliers of disposable personal hygiene products, Ontex are proud to make a difference to the daily lives of people across every generation. They design, manufacture and deliver disposable diapers and pants, pads, tampons and panty liners to retailers and healthcare providers in more than 110 countries. With 20 manufacturing bases around the globe, They employ more than 11 000 people and generated sales of €2.36 bn in 2017.

Two-thirds of Ontex's products are tailor-made for retailers’ own brands and they have earned a reputation for helping major market players respond swiftly to industry trends. Their consumer and retail customers trust them to provide the highest standard of protection and comfort at all times. Although value is they watchword, they never compromise on quality.

Their cutting-edge product research and development teams draw on extensive consumer insights and gives them the flexibility to help their retail and health industry clients stay ahead of rapidly changing markets and meet the needs of populations.

Traditional values such as integrity and customer care, combined with the latest design and manufacturing technology, makes Ontex the smart choice for retailers, health institutions and consumers everywhere.


Ontex provides smart hygiene solutions for all generations and offers something more in the sense of aiming to democratize personal hygiene products in baby, feminine and adult care. Consumer research is at the heart of everything they do, driving innovation across their products.

Baby Care range

The largest part of Ontex's business is their baby care range. 

Comfortable babies are happy babies , which is why their baby diapers and pants are designed to perform to the highest standards. 30 years' of experience in the category is combined with strong investment in innovation capabilities to obtain a portfolio of unique products that address different consumers and customers needs such as: 

 Leakage protection - Our baby diapers prevent leaks around the waist and the legs.
 Stay dry – Our baby diapers are designed to offer up to 12 hours of wetness protection to keep your baby's skin dry, and free of irritations.
Soft – We know your baby has a sensitive skin and therefore we take extra care in selecting soft materials for our baby diapers and pants.
Thin and flexible – Babies love to move around and our diapers give them the freedom to go and explore.
Perfect fit – The better the fit, the more comfortable your baby is and the less you need to worry about leaks.

Feminine Care range

We are a major player in the feminine care market, producing sanitary pads, panty liners and tampons which help women to live their lives in comfort and confidence.

Our market knowledge and sophisticated research & development facilities ensure we stay ahead of trends and can respond to the needs and different lifestyles of the women of today.

It’s important our feminine care products offer protection and comfort at all times and that’s why we offer a full range of products including ultra-towels, fluff towels, panty liners and tampons with innovative features such as:


  Softness - Our ultra towels have an extra soft surface to stay comfortable all day long.
  Ultra-thin – Designed to adapt and fit perfectly to the body while offering premium absorption.
 Anti-leak – Clever side barriers that give extra leakage protection when needed.

Adult Care

Our adult care products, including incontinence pants, pads and adult diapers, help to guarantee dignity and protection for those with light, medium or heavy incontinence.

With ageing populations across many parts of the world now and in the future, it's important consumers can continue to rely on our products to offer the best performance, comfort and fit.

Our adult care range includes pads (small and large), pants, adult diapers and underpads.

Discretion, comfort and protection are all equally important and using high quality materials and forward-thinking design we have developed solutions that respond to these needs.

  Absorption and leakage – Dry zone and double anti-leakage barriers.
  Odor control - Prevents the formation of ammonia and thus of unpleasant odors.
 Comfort – Soft, cotton-like materials giving all-day and all-night comfort.

Working at Ontex ?

Through people's passion, drive and ingenuity Ontex has grown from a family business into an international organization. In return, they respect, value and take care of them.

What it means for you

Ontex are proud of our tradition of encouraging employees to learn new skills and promoting from within their business whenever possible. But as their business growth creates new career opportunities, they are also keen to talk to those who would like to join them for the next exciting stage of their journey. Career development is something Ontex take very seriously and it is why many of their employees choose to remain part of the Ontex family for so long.

High employee engagement

In November 2015, Ontex carried out a global employee engagement survey. The survey result shows that 85% of their employees are engaged. They understand and believe in the goals of the company and are willing to go beyond what is required to help Ontex succeed.

Vision 2020

Ontex has always been people-centric but as they continue to expand, evolving to keep pace with this growth is essential.
Vision 2020 is about their people being proud to be part of Ontex - sharing the vision and strategy -  and understanding how they contribute.


Our core strengths

People are the reason Ontex have grown from a small family business into an international consumer goods firm. Great customer service and innovation is delivered in our offices and manufacturing plants around the world every day, thanks to the collaborative ‘can-do’ attitude of employees. It’s always been part of Ontex's culture to value initiative and ideas, something which attracts those who are entrepreneurial and enjoy making things happen.


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