Vetswest is a group of over 200 veterinary practices (over 500 individual practice sites), who use their collective size to improve the efficiency with which they buy products and services. The group was set up by veterinary surgeons on behalf of vets who's aim it is to preserve traditional values whilst using modern medicine.

Vision Statement
- To be the provider of centralised invoicing for veterinary medicines, consumables and services to maximize the benefit of group purchases.
- To provide high-quality independent CPD at a competitive price.
- To offer members additional services and seek new opportunities beyond traditional buying group activities in areas that the membership desires.

Vetswest started as a group of 9 practices, which in 1990 decided that buying medicines and working together as professionals with increased respect for their neighbours resulted in a better working life and allowed their practices to thrive. By the end of 1991 Vetswest had grown to around 20 practices, using the services of an outside manager to guide us in the buying of medicines and working with the different companies. They have always been about improving relationships in the profession, and that continues to be a cornerstone of everything they do.

The group retained its size and grew slowly by word of mouth, over the years, until 2005 when management was taken back within the company. It was decided to provide an increasing number of services, based around CPD, and over time, Vestwest become respected for providing in the heart of the West Country.

Over the year, Vetwest have changed from a purely West Country group, , to spreading across to East Anglia, Leicester, the Midlands, Cheshire, Yorkshire, West Wales and most recently into Northern Ireland. They now have over 200 members which are made up from over 500 individual practice sites spread across the UK. Collectively employing over 2000 vets and 6000 staff.

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