Beccy's Success Story


What was the reason for you job search?
I was looking to get into medical sales, as I did not want to carry on with Nursing. I wanted to get into a more commercial competitive role with a better chance of career progression and more money overall! I Loved the clinical side but also I wanted a role with real benefits for me too so I decided to look at roles within Medical sales.

What type of roles were you seeking?
Ideally I wanted theatre roles, but I was looking for something where I could use my clinical knowledge. I had placements in theatres, worked with Scrub nurses and surgeons in an environment which is very clinical using many different products and equipment so I was pretty happy to look at any therapy area but I had a keen interest on orthopaedics and theatres at the time.

What do you need help with in your search?
I needed advice on the market, what is realistic in terms of salary, package, and where the roles were as I had no idea! I was a nurse looking for a new commercial at the time, I had not done much research and I was a little lost! Luckily I had a friend who recommended getting in touch with you.


What did Zenopa do to solve this?
You massively helped, you let me know examples of companies I could apply to work with and also gave me advise, as you had placed graduates and people from a clinical background before. You had real expertise in the area.
I only worked with Zenopa when I was looking for roles and through you I got a job that I really wanted so that was great. I did get an opportunity to apply for the roles at other companies when I was still at the seeking stage but they didn’t go anywhere, and I know this was down to Sales roles at this level being very competitive. Zenopa’s interview prep was informative and helpful. I was offered phone calls, Skype calls and general advice on what the interview will be like, and a little bit about the manager and the company itself.

What was unique about the service Zenopa provided?
In terms of how your provide the job description and the PDF description was great. You gave me a lot of information on the role, also I liked the fact you had met the manager. You could really understand what he was looking for in an interview. This helped me feel at ease with the role and know what to expect when I turned up. From first stage to final, it was only a 20 hour gap!


How have you been helped within your role?
I have a very approachable manager. If there are any issues I am more than happy to chat with them, and they have helped hugely with sales training and settling in.

What benefits have you gained?
I have a lot more confidence now as an individual. I'm meeting new people daily, and have been taken out of my comfort zone with new situations on a regular basis.
I have gained massively in terms of sales experience and ability. This is due to the nature of my new role and the processes in place;- all the following up, financials I have to go through with deals and the sales training I have received have help me grow.

How do you feel you have fitted in culturally?
If I am honest it was very difficult to start with, as they are a lot of physicists within the team. I'm from a nursing background,and didn’t feel as accepted at the start. The relationships I built within the team did soon grow, and it did take a few months to get into the swing of things, but I won them over! I took over a territory for the first 4 or 5 weeks and then I was expected to do my own visits, so it was straight in at the deep end! This was pretty daunting, more training would have been ideal, however, I feel I have learnt a lot from this experience. My first calls looking back were awful, but now I am so much more confident when in that situation.

How have reviews/appraisals gone?
I have customer appraisals saying I'm doing very well, I'm hoping they keep me for longer than previous reps!
In terms of performance reviews, I've had a 3 months and 6 months review with my manager, who said they are all great, I'm exactly where I need to be at this stage. I do feel like I am doing very well. I have not got a 12 month review booked in yet but will do shortly.