"Holly relieved some of the stress associated with job hunting"

After approaching our Healthcare Comms team to help find him a new role, we caught up with Charles to find out how he was  getting on 1 year in... 

What were you looking for when you were seeking a new role?

"More money and a more challenging role. I was coasting in my last job and I feel like I made the right change to further my career. I was also looking for a different company dynamic, allowing me to work in a smaller team and have a greater impact on work. I now feel like I have a proper career path that I can progress along, which is just what you want when in your mid-20s."

What benefits have you had since securing your role?

"I’ve found a career that I enjoy. I’ve got less time because I’m working harder, but ultimately that is what I want from a job. I’m also able to work on projects with directors and gain insights from them directly, whilst contributing to new and interesting projects. I’m also enjoying perks such as a nicer working location, a larger salary and a friendlier working environment."

 How did you find the recruitment process?

"Stressful, but it always is! Holly was fantastic to work with, liaising with my current employer and providing me with timely and relevant feedback on the process. She definitely relieved some of the stress associated with job hunting, especially when it came to interview preparation. It's ultimately not a process I want to go through on a regular basis, so finding the right job was the main target."

How has your work/life balance improved?

"I’m working longer hours, but the work is rewarding. My work life has improved significantly, and I feel like I’m progressing at a good pace. I find that my work/life balance has improved, so when I’m not working I feel like the time off is well deserved and that much more enjoyable. My new company is also a lot more sociable, so the work/life balance is pleasantly merging at times."

How did you find the service provided to you by Zenopa?

"Great, a lot better than other recruiters. They listened to what I wanted in a job and helped me apply for relevant roles. I found other recruiters would see that I have a sciences background and fling anything in that ballpark my way, whereas Zenopa tailored the applications that I would submit to. I would absolutely recommend them in the first place as it cuts a lot of time off the recruitment process by not having to apply to irrelevant jobs."

Any other comments/feedback that you wish to give?

"Special mention to Holly Haynes for all her work in helping me find the job!"