"I found Zenopa understood what I was looking for "

James was looking to develop his career and needed to move on in order to do that. Find out how he's getting on 1 year into his role... 

What were you looking for when you were seeking a new role?

"My move was driven by carer development. It seemed to be an appropriate time to try something new, something that would challenge me more."

What benefits have you had since securing your role?

"Since starting my new role I have been able to climb up the career ladder and move into London to be closer to the office. I also believe the fantastic training opportunities offered by my new employer have greatly improved my confidence in my ability to carry out my role and will prove invaluable in the future."

How did you find the recruitment process?

"The recruitment process was extremely simple and straightforward. Going through an agency definitely makes the whole process a lot easier and opens up opportunities you would not otherwise have."

How has your work/life balance improved?

"In all honesty my work life balance is the same as it was. Medcomms is a great in this respect."

How did you find the service provided to you by Zenopa?

"Zenopa were really good. Not only did working with them make the whole process a lot easier but they also provide help and advice. For someone who is in the earlier stages of their career such as I was, this is invaluable."

 Any other comments/feedback that you wish to give?

"I found Zenopa understood what I was looking for and were very good at matching me with appropriate opportunities which fitted me well."