Alastair's Success Story

What were you looking for when you were seeking a new role? 

"I was looking for a role which presented clear opportunity for progression within the company. I was looking for an entry level commercial position where I could learn from new experiences and develop a commercial career from those in the field of Biotechnology."

What benefits have you had since securing your role? 

"I have grown in confidence since starting this role and now feel as though I can handle pressure better than I could before but also delegate tasks and provide useful feedback when necessary without fear of embarrassment."

How did you find the recruitment process?

"The process was very straight forward and Amy from Zenopa was great at handling everything for me and advising me on what I needed to do and tell me what the next step would be. As long as you can include the key points in your C.V. and write a half decent cover letter, Zenopa can find you a suitable position."

How has your work/life balance improved?

"I have a very good work/life balance. I am friends with my colleagues and have a manager who is flexible with working hours where necessary as well as understanding of doctor’s appointments and the likes.

How did you find the service provided to you by Zenopa?

"I was very pleased with the whole Zenopa process. I was kept updated of the status of my application regularly and had all my questions and concerns answered promptly. I would very much recommend Zenopa as a recruitment route."

Any other comments/feedback that you wish to give?

"Thank you for finding me such a fantastic and diverse position!"