Summit Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Limited


A growing Veterinary Specials company,  Summit is a Veterinary Specials Manufacturer that offers a variety of medications in strengths for vets and their practicies when a licenced medicinal option is not practical.  

The Challenge: 

The Headquarters based in Canada, Summit were looking to hire their first UK Business Development Manager, capable of growing a team and managing European markets. Following a successful discussion with the manager about our candidate network and tools we have to access candidates Account Manager Emma Phipps and the Managing Director, agreed to an exclusive partnership.

The Solution: 

139 candidates were reviewed by Zenopa. Based on the strength and requirements requested by Summit,  9 of these were put forward, and 8 attended an interview. Out of these 8, 3 candidates were shortlisted as being suitable for the role and the company. 

The Result: 

Summit are confident they have hired the right person to lead and grow their UK business. The success of this exclusive recruitment opportunity has built a strong relationship with Summit and has led to Zenopa being a preferrred supplier for future recruiment. 

"Emma was a pleasure to work with during our latest recruitment campaign.  She was very thorough with understanding our needs and her communication during the entire process was professional and timely.  We always felt that she truly wanted to exceed our expectations and the quality of candidates we were presented with was proof of just that.  As our interviewers were coming from overseas we decided to take advantage of Zenopa’s on-site meeting rooms for the interviews.  Emma greeted us upon arrival and kept the two day aggressive schedule highly organized.  In the end, we had the luxury of having to choose between three qualified candidates.  Thank you Emma, we look forward to working with you again soon."