Madeeha's Success Story


What was the reason for your job search?
I graduated from university and was seeking entry into medical sales/clinical support. I was very unhappy in my previous role that I handed my notice in without having anything lined up. I then really upped the searching and got in touch with Zenopa to help me with this

What type of roles were you seeking?
Orthopaedics was a must for me. I really wanted to get into this as my background is sports rehabilitation. Being in area you don’t realise that a lot of people within the industry are looking for the same thing.

What did you need help with in your search?
I really needed help in finding a role and with preparing myself for the interview. Having graduated I was lacking confidence in this area and wanted to make a good impression.


What was unique about the service Zenopa provided?
No matter the task, you were on the ball. Zenopa was really on top of everything straight away. I had to give a presentation in one of my interviews and the help I received for this was great, as well your market knowledge in terms of the companies I was also interview for was really helpful. Your personal relationships with the managers also helped to me find out more about them and their likes and dislikes in candidates. The service I had was great, I could call or email you any time and I would get a fast response, and the guidance I got with personality questioning was really helpful.


How were you helped when it came to interview preparation?
I was helped massively with presentations, and I really liked the prep and the added knowledge that I received things such as what the managers look for, and what the culture of the company is like.

How do you feel you have fitted in culturally?
I went in with an open mind as didn’t know what to expect to start with. I just went with the flow and picked everything really well and quickly nothing negative. I get on really with the team and there have been some changes within the company but they have had a positive impact which is great.

How have reviews/appraisals gone?
Everything has been well done in terms of praise from managers however due to changes, it has been difficult to get the time where myself and managers are free. My 6 months probation has not been signed off yet, not because I have not passed it but because we have not had time to sit down and go through it. This is same with the other 2 people who started at same time as me.