Paul's Success Story


What was the reason for your job search?
Unfortunately, I was made redundant from my previous role.

What type of roles were you seeking?
Having been made redundant, I was able to really think about what I was looking for in my next role. I wanted something that was more challenging technically and that required more skills. I was a point on contact in my previous role which was giving me a lot of day to day stress, so I was keen to try and avoid that from happening again.

What did you need help with in your search?
Whilst I really needed a job, I didn’t just want any job. I wanted a challenge and I wanted to work for a stable company


What did Zenopa do to solve this?
I was very impressed and well looked after. My consultant Phil, listened to me and what I was looking for right from the start. He explained the job in a clear manner and was approachable, enthusiastic about the role, but never pushy.

What was unique about the service Zenopa provided?
Dealing with a dedicated consultant directly meant that I was speaking to an expert. I was constantly kept in the loop with what was going on and any questions or queries that I had were answered diligently. I was well looked after. 10/10.


How have you been helped within your role?
I have gained new skills and I’m learning lots of new things. This role is definitely a step up from what I was doing before.

What benefits have you gained?
It’s a combination of mechanical, electrical and IT skills, and new software. It’s never boring as there are lots of bespoke systems to get your head around.

What change has been achieved?
I really stretched myself when I joined, and this has paid off. The team is operating well now and is back to full working capacity, and the customers seem happy.

How do you feel you have fitted in culturally?
Since i joined there has been a slight change with management due to a company restructure. There are now 4 in the team and we all get on really well. Our manger has plenty of experience and the communication is there which is important. There is more travelling within the UK than before but this is shares around and there is less pressure than in my previous role which is what I wanted.

How have reviews/appraisals gone?
Feedback from team members is that I’m picking it up well and getting there. Training courses are a bit sporadic so I have been thrown in at the deep end. My manager says I’m doing well which is good.