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1. Team/ People Development
-Contributes to selection of qualified candidates & retention of account handling staff at Account Director level and below
-Displays excellent interpersonal skills and teaches direct reports
-Develops, trains, and motivates direct reports, and acts as mentor to staff
o Makes the most of other's strengths
o Provides staff with constructive feedback
o Helps others contribute to the group's success
-Is continually improving his/ her management skills

2. Leadership
-Is seen as a leader within the business
-Provides a leadership role within account management and across the agency
-Proactively provides suggestions that impact agency policy and staffing needs to ensure smooth work flow
-Responsible for development of client relationships
-Proactively seeks new business opportunities, specifically within current clients, and works actively to create business development opportunities outside current clients
-Guides and manages teams across many projects and clients
-Provides clear direction for direct reports
-Takes a leadership role on the strategic aspects of a project
-Supervises the development and execution of all tactical programs from start to finish
-Ensures that projects are completed on time and on budget
-Keeps management aware of overall agency issues impacting culture and morale
-Demonstrates support of company goals
-Helps set a positive tone on projects with internal team and projects a positive image internally and externally of the agency.
-Keep abreast of developments in digital and champion digital knowledge and passion within the agency

3. Client Management
-Is in charge and is seen by the client as being so and valued as such
-Is able to consistently add value to the relationship
-By leading communications and digital strategy
-Through tactical excellence
-General management
-Always acts in the best interest of the agency and of the client
-Challenges appropriately to optimise communication
-Has the respect of the client and is invited to key meetings
-Proffers a favourable impression of the agency - is an ambassador for eBee within client organisations
-Always acts with integrity
-Takes ownership of problems and identifies solutions
Delivers long term valued brand relationships to the client and the agency

4. Workload Management/ Communication
-Works to improve agency processes
-Finds solutions to problems by looking at (and modifying) the process, so that a similar problem does not reoccur
-Establishes, maintains, and nurtures client relationships; fosters a value-added partnership; monitors client relationships developed by team/direct reports
-Helps to ensure long term agency-client opportunities by developing and maintaining solid relationships and providing solid strategic thinking
-Troubleshoots client and internal issues
-Demonstrates strong ability to manage multiple clients
-Manages the supervision of all projects to ensure timely completion, on strategy and within budget
-Manages the account by looking that the "big picture" of the client's business and the industry
-Exhibits proficiency regarding content, current market issues, and relevant research and lends this proficiency to the internal team members
-Supervises the management of project budgets, to ensure that fees and costs stay within estimate
-Provides guidance to team on approaching client on budget overages
-Monitors team's work flow and works with director's/president to resolve any short or long term staffing needs to ensure smooth work flow
-Takes a leadership role on the implementation of a project
o Utilises strategic thinking skills to enhance programs, address opportunities

5. Financial/ Commercial
-Takes responsibility for all income associated with clients
-Delivers value to the client at a profit for the agency
-Ensures that the agency is operating on accounts at an optimum level
-Understands the impact of decisions of cost and profit
-Negotiates in line costs with clients and suppliers

6. New Business
- Understand and champion the agencies digital behaviours approach as core to selling the business offering
- Identifies organic opportunity within existing client base
- Proactively manages client relationships to generate new business opportunities
- Takes a lead role in new business meetings, proposal writing and pitching to develop future client base

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* Salary Guide
£70,000 - £80,000
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Callum Phillips

Med Comms Recruiter +44 1494 818 005

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