Seb Hall

Find Liberation in Healthcare Communications

My experience recruiting in Healthcare Communications & Consultancy is that it is a fantastically rewarding career. Regardless of the upcoming financial crisis, the healthcare / pharmaceutical industry doesn't slow down, and UK agencies are keen to employ exceptional staff to join their teams as they continue to grow and flourish.

We understand the tendency to be apprehensive when it comes to a career change, but even if you are lucky enough to work a 42.5hr week, then 2,210 hours a year will be spent working. That is clearly a great deal of time wasted doing something that makes you unhappy...

“It is never too late to change your career- even when we are in the midst of financial instability“

I am here to tell you that it is never too late to change your career. As long as you are happy and love what you do, the money will follow - even when we are in the midst of financial instability.

So why choose Zenopa to help you in the next step of your career?

When I say to candidates that I recruit for the leading healthcare communication agencies in the UK, this isn't just an off-the-cuff statement, this is fact. Every agency I choose to work with encourages you to dedicate time with your family and friends as well as time with yourself.

The best way to grow is to throw yourself into new challenges, take a chance, believe there is always better, and have faith in yourself no matter how many times you have felt beaten.

While the economic environment can seem daunting, the Healthcare Communications Team at Zenopa don’t just offer opportunities, we offer support too!!

- If you want to know how your salary and benefits stack up against the industry – MESSAGE US!

- If you want to know if there are more exciting therapy areas for you to work in – MESSAGE US!

- If you want to know how to steer your Healthcare Communications career in a different direction – MESSAGE US!

- If you want us to share our thoughts on why Dawn wasn't offered a handshake in Bake Off’s Showstopper challenge – DON'T MESSAGE US, WE DON'T UNDERSTAND IT EITHER?!

With the rising cost of living, inflation, and an energy crisis, it can be overwhelming for any candidate. We are here to support all Healthcare Communications professionals to grow and find their happiness with job opportunities and industry insights, so why not give us a try, after all, unlike everything else in 2022, our advice and support is completely free!

If you would like to start 2023 with a higher salary, better benefits and more time to spend with those you care about, then please do get in touch!


About the Author:

Seb joined Zenopa’s Healthcare Communications & Consultancy team as a Specialist Recruitment Consultant after working for 15+ years in sales, advertising and marketing. Whether you are a client or candidate, Seb works to unearth opportunities and provide solutions to ensure progression and growth for both individuals and businesses of all sizes.

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