Louise Snape

Zenopa Raises £647 for Cancer Research

This year we join in celebrating 20 years of Cancer Research UK.

Everyone has a part to play in beating cancer, with 1 in 2 of us getting cancer in our lifetime.

“Our summer raffle has allowed us to donate £647.00 to Cancer Research! “

Zenopa launched a raffle campaign this summer, with £1 donated to the charity for each raffle entry.

As a result, Zenopa has donated £647.00 to Cancer Research!

Where Will Our Donation Go?

Every £1 investment, royalty, and donation produces 81p to fight cancer.

The Cancer Research website breaks down how they spent their income in 2020/21

£471m went towards charitable activities:

£443m towards cancer research projects that will run for up to five years

£28m on information and influencing work

£152m went into raising funds:

£102m raising donated income and managing investments

£93m running shops and other trading activity

At Zenopa, we understand the importance of supporting our community, especially in the current climate. Thank you to everyone who entered the raffle and contributed to changing lives across the UK!

To donate to Cancer Research, please visit:


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