Brad Elson

Zenopa continues to adapt the office to ensure it's safe

Why World Safety Day?

World Health and Safety Day's mission is to draw attention to the need for businesses, employers and governments to do everything they can to protect worker welfare. It's hoped this focus on health and safety will encourage new labour policies and laws to minimise workplace injuries in the future.

“World Health and Safety Day's mission is to draw attention to the need for businesses, employers and governments to do everything they can to protect worker welfare.“

There are over 2.7 million fatalities every year due to diseases or injuries sustained at work, with further 374 million non-fatal injuries preventing workers from working for four or more days; thus, causing a significant economic issue, especially in developing countries.


What is the Health and Safety at Work Act? 

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 is an essential piece of legislation defining employers' roles in assuring the health and safety of their workers and members of the public.


How is Zenopa enforcing safety and protection in the office?

Health and safety are fundamental subjects here at Zenopa because we guarantee that anyone who walks into our office is fully protected. Not only do we protect our staff, but we also ordered 3,000 facemasks for our candidates to keep them protected during these unprecedented times. 


COVID-19 has had a significant impact on offices throughout the world. Here are several measurements we've enforced to keep Zenopa a safe place to work:


Zenopa's office in Penn complies with all COVID-19 safety requirements and more, so we can open our doors to staff needing a reprieve from working from home, perhaps for their mental health welfare or other reasons, e.g. they need a quiet, safe space to escape to. 

We have a modern, open plan with office partitions made of clear, toughened safety glass to make a COVID-19 safe corridor down the centre of the main office space and individual partitioning around each desk within the pods.

Individual seating within the two kitchen areas provides a completely COVID-safe environment. 

Sanitisers, face masks, face shields and distancing signage provide additional protection and peace of mind.

There are 2m and 1m distancing signage in the corridors and kitchen.

Zenopa has created additional breakout rooms and additional coffee stations to avoid congestion in the kitchen.

Room capacity rules are located on meeting room doors and the stipulation that windows must be open when the room is occupied.


In addition, we also have regular health and safety measures that we enforce, including:

Having a dedicated COVID-19 Risk Register and government guidance available for all staff to view.

Zenopa's Health & Safety, Fire Risk and Harassment at Work policy are regularly reviewed at Management Reviews.

Agile working and remote working for complete flexibility. Staff can choose to work 50% of their time from home and decide when they work their 8 hours. 

Moving forward, Zenopa will continuously adapt the office to ensure everyone who walks in is entirely safe.

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