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7 Tips to Decide Between 2 Awesome Job Candidates

2 great candidates and you're stuck over which one to choose? Freelance writer Scott Mathews is back with his latest tips that might help you make a decison...

"Finding a perfect job candidate is difficult, but every now and then you’ll bump into more than one young talent who displays pretty much the same level of knowledge and understanding of your business.

“Scott Mathews is back with his tips on how to decide between to awesome candidates. “

According to the report, a typical corporate job offer attracts about 250 resumes. If you publish lots of vacancy announcements throughout the year, you will occasionally have to choose between some very promising prospects.

This is by no means an easy feat, but there are a few ways to identify the ideal candidate. Our goal is to help you with that, so keep reading to see seven tips to decide between two awesome job candidates.

1.     Who Shows Greater Enthusiasm?

The simplest way to identify a better candidate is to think about their behavior during the interview. You should ask yourself a few easy questions:

- Which candidate seems to be more passionate and energetic about our position?

- Who asked more questions relevant to the role?

- Who proved to research our company more diligently?

If you give the right answers, such questions can show you the right path to go. After all, face-to-face interviews are the best way to really get to know the applicants and see how they look, behave, talk, and react to you and your proposals. All you have to do is to think about the traits of each candidate in particular and determine who promises to be a better fit for your organization.

2.     Take a Look Back

Studies reveal that the average recruiter spends only six seconds reading a resume. While this might be enough to make the preliminary decision about the applicants, you should take a look back and read the same resumes once again in case you find it hard to choose between the last two candidates.

Why is that so? Well, little details in their biographies can help you to identify certain strengths or weaknesses of each applicant.

Jake Gardner is a recruiter at the best assignment help in Australia and he often hires custom essay writers for his team. Here’s what Jake has to say about resumes: “Sometimes I notice that a writer hops from one employer to another way too frequently, which tells me that he/she is hard to work with. In other cases, this candidate is only looking for more money and therefore not willing to stay with us in the long run.”

3.     Analyze Their Secondary Skills

Since both candidates look great, it is fair to assume that they have a strong set of primary skills. For instance, an essay writer can be a highly creative author with an excellent vocabulary and the ability to switch between styles effortlessly.

However, secondary skills can help you to cut the cord and make the right decision. Going back to our essay writer example, secondary skills would be:

-  Experience in the field of online content management

-  Experience in search engine optimization

-  Strong presentation skills

If one candidate impresses you with a wide range of secondary skills, then you should give him/her the advantage because you might need those talents somewhere along the way.

4.     Organize a Skill Test

As a recruiter, you probably use skill tests to filter through several candidates, but this time you can make it even more specific to see how the two favorites react to practical situations in your everyday business. The idea is to delve deeper into their capabilities and analyze how each of your candidates deals with concrete cases.

For instance, retail stores hiring customer service managers can face the candidates with some of their most difficult clients. It’s a perfect way to see how they work and behave under pressure in situations that take place on a daily basis.

The only thing you need to do is to think of a real-life situation that can serve as a practical skill test for your applicants in particular.

5.     Run a Trial Period

Another tactic to use in this HR situation is to run a trial period. It doesn’t have to be a full-time engagement, so the remaining candidates can keep working for the current employer and visit your team afterward.

One thing you need to be aware of is that a trial period does not last longer than a week or two. This should be more than enough to understand who can contribute to your organization better and more productively.

The second important detail is that a trial period does not equal free work. On the contrary, you should pay the candidates what they are worth because they spend their time with you instead with their friends and families.

And thirdly, don’t reveal important information during the trial period. Give potential employees restricted access to information and you won’t have to worry about data leakage once the trial is over.

6.     Get a Second Opinion

Although you are in charge of recruiting, you don’t have to make such a difficult decision single-handedly. After all, there are other colleagues, senior managers and decision-makers in particular, who will be cooperating with the new employee, so you might ask them to give you opinions about the last two applicants as well.

Besides that, you should look for reviews from other resources. For instance, recruiters hiring new authors usually check out sources such as reviews or the Papersowl review to see what they can learn about the candidates’ previous works.

You can do pretty much the same thing by asking colleagues and employers in other companies about the skills and achievements of their former employees.

7.     Hire Both Candidates

HR managers must understand the concept of talent shortage very well. Reports prove that almost 70% of recruiters can’t find professionals with the right skills, so you should be glad to run into a couple of amazing job candidates.

In such circumstances, you can simplify the decision-making process by hiring both applicants. This is not how most recruiters behave, but we believe that HR managers should grab the most promising talents as soon as they see them.

Of course, there is always the issue of salaries and financial bonuses, but you should definitely consider hiring both professionals if you can afford it.


A lot of recruiters are struggling to find a good job candidate, but some HR managers are lucky enough to bump into two talented professionals at the same time. The only problem, in this case, is how to distinguish between the two applicants and make the right decision.

In this post, we showed you seven tips to decide between two awesome job candidates. Have you ever faced a situation like this in your work? How did you react to it? Share your ideas in comments as we would love to hear about your first-hand experiences!" 


Scott Mathews is an essay writer and a recruitment advisor at the best essay service. Working for some of the top essay writing services for years, Scott learned a lot about hiring the most talented job candidates and now he enjoys sharing knowledge with his readers. Besides that, Scott is the father of two kids and a long-distance runner.

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