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How Recruitment is like Dating

The day for romantic gestures for that special person in your life is here. Many up and down the UK will be heading out for dinner later, or shipping the children off to bed to enjoy some quality time on the sofa, or you may be seizing the day and secretly telling that person how you feel.

But have you ever thought about how finding a new job is not much different to dating? Let’s expand on this..

“Have you ever thought about how finding a new job is not much different to dating? “

Being Different:

Having a different passion or hobby can be enough to make you stand out on a dating website and engage a potential love match to message or (in Tinder’s case) swipe right to show you’re interested. You need to make sure your best features stand out within your job application. Sector experience and qualifications are obviously essential, but you can also give them a sneaky peak into your personality and your interests to see, as cultural fit is becoming more important.

Dress for the part

Treat meetings and networking events like they are a date. Many industries can be quite incestuous in the way in which they move between companies, so networking and keeping in touch is a good way to get your face and skills noticed. Make sure you wear professional clothes and conduct the research into the area – knowledge in power so if you’re able to strike up a conversation with an influencer in your dream role, this may glitch it, or at least contribute to you becoming memorable for anything that may crop up in the future.

The meeting/ getting to know each other

Just as you would when you’re meeting a date for the first time, conduct your research so you know who you will be meeting. If you’re working with a recruitment agency, it’s advised to set up a call to help your account manager top help you to prepare for this. They may have some more information on the panel or person that you’re meeting with, let you know the common types of questions that are normally asked, and give you some tips. If you’re not using an agency, then make sure you conduct research in to the company by visiting their website, social medical channels etc. Don’t forget to show your industry knowledge and let your passion shine through.

Honesty is the best policy

If you’re not happy or you feel that relationship has run its course, it’s important to be honest, otherwise you will become unhappy. This is the same for a business relationship. If the job is not what you thought it was or you’re being asked to do something that you can’t, then you need to tell them. It saves a lot of unhappy feelings for you, and saves the company time.

Playing it cool…

After a date, not calling for a few days or weeks may work for you, but when looking for a new role, there is no harm in showing that you care. Don’t be afraid to get in touch a few days after the interview to find out if you will be seeing them again. If you decide to take this route then only do this once – any more than that and it may blow your chances. If you don’t hear anything after a couple of weeks, it’s safe to say that you haven’t been successful.

Don’t get complacent.

Initial attraction will only get you so far when you’re dating, and you have to make sure that you have the right attitude within your working life. Toi last long term, you need to stay committed, by demonstrating that they were right to hire you in the first place. In other words you need to prove that what you aid through your interview is true. If you can’t demonstrate the skills that you have been claiming to have, you could damage your reputation and you will be living on borrowed time until the truth is found out.

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