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Medical Professions That Keep You On The Go

If you're a medical professional looking for a role outside the office, Freelance writer Jocaster Morrison discusses some options that are available to you that you may never have thought of...

"Around 58% of workers around the globe say that working away from the office would increase their motivation. While there are plenty of opportunities for business people, those in the arts, and even people in security services to work remotely, an industry that is often overlooked when considering this style of work is medical. Thanks to technology, a whole new world of opportunities await medical professionals with relentless wanderlust.

“Freelance writer Jocasta Morrison gives some food for thought on medical professions that can take you our of the office environment.. “

Tap Into the Insurance Industry

Insurance companies rely on fast application processing to get their clients on board faster, which is why they don’t send their clients to hospitals for medical examinations. Instead, they rely on medical professionals such as doctors and nurses to go to their clients in order to speed up the process. For customers, this means convenience as they don’t have to set up an appointment with their doctor, they don’t have to travel, and they don’t have to worry about copious amounts of paperwork. The tests can be done at home or the office which speeds up the application process.

A Travelling Consultant

The combination of medical backing and project management can provide professionals with the opportunity to oversee various projects. This could range from cost-saving projects to the erection of new facilities. These consultations tend to happen on site which provides the consultant with ample travel opportunity. Those who build up their reputation often need to oversee projects across the globe, providing that jet-setting experience. These travelling professionals rely on their equipment and instant access to project details should be accessible through mobile devices to ensure efficacy on site.

Traveling Medical Technicians and Technologists

There are some areas in the medical profession that require the professionals to travel due to a lack of skills. Specialists such as medical laboratory technicians and diagnostic medical sonographers are highly skilled individuals that are in high demand. Those who happen to have these qualifications can apply at local hospitals, clinics, and universities on a permanent basis, however, these roles provide a fair amount of travel for those who desire it.

Pharma On Call

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians tend to stick around behind the counter and hardly see the day of light. The prospect of travelling might not seem obvious at first, but more and more hospitals and pharmacies are open to the idea, especially when specialised projects are due. This puts the travelling pharmacist in the unique position of leveraging their skills, cherry picking their assignments, enjoying optimal benefits, and getting out from behind the counter to travel. These jobs also tend to provide better insurance cover. The remote opportunity does pose a number of additional challenges which provides a significant break from the monotony that can sometimes overwhelm pharmacists.

Medical professionals who want to get out of the office and a little more on the open road have a number of options open to them. Thanks to qualifications and skills that are in high demand, it’s not unusual for these professionals to pick their projects and set their own prices."

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