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Sometimes, it's not what you know, but who you know

You have just received an invite to another networking event, yet you’re not sure if you see the point in going. Whether you are starting up your own business or moving in to a new role in a new industry, networking is one of the best things that you can do.  SO before you decline that invite, we have some valuable reasons as to why you should consider accepting:

You build new relationships/connections

“Networking events are great to invest in when moving into a role in a new industry, but many do not see the point. Before you decline that invite, we have some valuable reasons as to why you should consider accepting. “

Selecting the right event will put you in a room full of like-minded people in an informal environment. In these types of conditions you will be able to get to know people on a more social level and find out more about them than you would in a work based environment or meeting scenario. This valuable information will put you in a good position to start building and maintaining that relationship.

Increased business/ referrals

Referrals and recommendations are one of the most powerful ways to increase your business. You could have the best service or product within your chosen area, but without a backup of reviews, this could count for nothing. Referrals obtained through networking are normally of high quality as you are surrounded in a room full of potential clients that already have the same interest as you.

It’s not what you know, but who you know.

Rightly or wrongly, this analogy is proving to be true across many industries. Networking will provide you with a great source of relevant connections who you can call upon when you need them, and more importantly, they can open the door for you to be able to talk to some highly influential people within your sector. Once that relationship has been established, you can take advantage of utilising their network, and expand your own.

Get New Ideas/ Advice

Networking events are a great way for you to hear ideas or learn something new. Many tend to have a guest speaker who will be able to share their experiences and offer some advice and possible solutions that have worked for them regarding their business, but you can also gaining advice from others for non -business related problems such as time management and gaining a work life balance.

Keep up to date with new trends

Being in a room full of people in a similar industry, the conversation will more than likely steer towards what is happening in the world. This is a great opportunity to find out what current trends are, how people are reacting and what they are focusing on. You may also find out what ‘rumours’ others have heard if any and this can allow you to prepare or change your strategy.

Raising your profile

Attending regular networking events will help to raise your profile. You will be become more visible and from this you can then build up a reputation for yourself as being knowledgeable, and supportive by offering your own solutions to others as and when they arise. As with anything, the more you attend the more likely it will be for you to gain more leads and referrals. However, with several events taking place over the weeks and months, not all of them will be worth attending. Before accepting, it is worth assessing the reasons as to why you should attend. Your time is valuable so only attend if you think you will be able to gain something from it.

Increase motivation

When placed in a room with high achievers, it is not uncommon for you to leave and think about what else you could be doing. Most networking events will have you brimming with new ideas that you may want to try and see if you have the same success as other may have had.

Increased Confidence

Networking is great for you to push yourself and learn how to have conversations with people that you don’t know. To start with it can be difficult and you may feel nervous, but the more you do it, the more confident you will become, the higher your profile will be, and this will lead to you making more connections that may help you in the future.  

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